3 Reasons Why Freezing Your Eggs Could Help You Find Love Faster (really!)

3 Reasons Why Freezing Your Eggs Could Help You Find Love Faster (really!)

By Amanda Vogel

If you’re immersed in the dating world, you might feel pressure to find that perfect connection with every Tinder or Bumble swipe or first (nerve-wracking) date. When you’re more than ready to settle down with an S.O., it’s easy to get antsy about starting a secure relationship ASAP. But that impatience can lead to time wasted on dates you know, deep down, are duds.

Turns out, single women who make the decision to freeze their eggs say the experience turned them into better daters. Peace of mind that your fertility is literally frozen in time means you can safely scroll Insta or Facebook without freaking over friends’ engagement pics and cheesy pregnancy posts.

Some women even find love IRL soon after the egg freezing process. A coincidence? Read on and judge for yourself. Here are three reasons why egg freezing could help you enjoy dating more and maybe even find love faster.

1) Takes the Pressure Off

When you know you want kids someday, you might be hyper-aware of time ticking as you and your eggs get older. That’s a disastrous way to date. Many women who have chosen to freeze their eggs say the process took the pressure off a ticking “biological clock.” In fact, it smashed the whole concept: “Biological clock” is an antiquated term anyway, considering modern women have more choices than ever about their fertility.

“The decision to freeze my eggs several years ago felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” says Ellie Bodner, a former Oprah producer in Chicago. “With my career as my focus, I wanted to be proactive about my future fertility so I could live life on my own terms. Taking control completely took that stress off.”

With the pressure dissolved, you might be more relaxed about making the right connection, which leads to smarter dating decisions overall. There’s no longer that tendency to mentally size up every new date for suitability as a life partner and parent. BTW, this often takes pressure off the guy, too, which enhances the dating experience for both of you.

2) Builds Confidence

Women who’ve gone through the egg-freezing journey say it boosted their confidence. Why? Taking control of your own fertility feels empowering. Plus, the short process requires you to put yourself first, even amid other responsibilities, such as career or education, a partner, friends, family, etc.

Your attention to self-care creates a new appreciation for what you need and want in life—including with your career and love relationships. The more empowered you feel, the better your ability to take on the world.

“I grew through my egg freezing journey, so now I feel more like an empowered adult,” says Rupika Anand, who traveled from her home in Louisville, Kentucky, after a divorce last year to undergo egg freezing at OVA. “After my egg freezing, I felt such a sense of accomplishment because I knew the experience would benefit me in the long run,” says the 31-year-old who just announced her engagement on Instagram. “When I no longer had a biological clock to live by, I could just sit back, relax and enjoy the whole dating process,” Anand says. “And just like that, when I wasn’t looking, I met the most amazing man!”


3) Puts You in the Now

You make the best decisions about love when you date in the here and now, not with your mind too far into the future. Knowing that your eggs are safely frozen and cared for by world-class experts allows you to approach dating with an open heart.

“Freezing my eggs cleared my mind of any outside pressure and allowed me to be in the here and now,” says Bodner. “Bringing the topic up with my now boyfriend, I remember a sigh of relief from both of us. He thought it was cool that a woman would be proactive, and I loved not letting my age take control of our relationship.” The couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary together.

“And I’m not the only one,” adds Bodner. “The same thing happened to a lot of my friends who froze their eggs. They found relationships soon after freezing!”

Could egg freezing be right for you? Contact OVA to inquire about our OVAVIEW assessment, which provides personalized feedback about your own best course of action.


New to Egg Freezing? The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask

You’ve heard about egg freezing from your friends, colleagues and all over the media, but what is it? Are you a candidate? And what do you need to know?  OVA Egg Freezing Nurse Specialist, Whitney Bischoff, RN, BSN, answers all of your questions.


What  exactly  is  egg  freezing?

In simple terms, egg freezing is a process that allows women to literally freeze their fertility in time. During the 10-14 day process, you’ll be prescribed medications to help stimulate your ovaries to produce additional eggs. Your eggs are then retrieved and placed on ice giving you the choice of when you’re ready to start your family. This is about options, ladies. You can have it all!

Can  I  afford  to  freeze  my  eggs?  Will  insurance  cover  it?

A growing number of insurance companies are now covering the egg freezing process and we’re happy to call on your behalf to find out specifics on your plan and coverage. Whether you’re covered or not, at OVA we’ve made it a top priority to create customized financial packages that will fit your specific needs and budget.  We’re truly dedicated to making egg freezing affordable and accessible to every woman.

Why  should  I  freeze  my  eggs?

There are several reasons to freeze your eggs, the biggest question is, why wouldn’t you? Freezing your eggs is an insurance policy for your future. Whether you haven’t met the right guy, your schooling or career have postponed your plans, you need them for baby number 2 or 3, medical reasons, or you simply just aren’t ready to make a decision about motherhood, there is always a good reason to freeze your eggs. While there’s no guarantee that egg freezing will result in a pregnancy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get older, but your eggs don’t have to.

Am  I  a  candidate?

Every woman who wants to take control of her fertility is a candidate to freeze her eggs with OVA. Your fertility is never going to be as young as it is today- so why wait?  We recommend freezing your eggs between the ages of 25-35. If you’re outside of this window, you’re still eligible- anytime is better than no time.  Just recognize, the younger you are when you freeze, the healthier the eggs and the better your chances are of having a baby in the future.

How  does  it  work?  What’s  the  time  commitment?

Once you’ve decided to freeze your eggs with OVA, be prepared, there is a time commitment involved. In order to safely stimulate your ovaries to produce eggs, you will need to give yourself injections and be monitored closely by an OVA physician for 10-14 days. Your eggs are then removed in a simple outpatient procedure and frozen indefinitely until you need them. With appointment flexibility to fit your hectic schedule and help with injections, OVA is changing the game of egg freezing, making the process easier and more convenient than ever.

Is  it  safe?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, although they are minimal. The most common side effects of the medications are bloating, slight weight gain and fatigue  although most women are surprised at the ease of the entire process. It’s important to note that recent studies show no increase in chromosomal abnormalities or birth defects linked to babies born from frozen eggs.

If I freeze my eggs, will I be losing eggs that I would have needed in the future? Will this decrease my chance of conceiving naturally someday?

No, during a normal menstrual cycle, several eggs are recruited. Only 1 egg matures, which is ovulated and the remainder are lost and absorbed within the body. The medications used in egg freezing help mature as many of those recruited eggs for retrieval, so in a sense, you are saving eggs rather than losing them. This does not impact your future conception plans.

How many eggs should I freeze and how many cycles will it take?

There are so many factors that come into play to determine the number of cycles you’ll want to complete and how many eggs you’ll need to freeze. We generally recommend patients freeze an average of 15-20 eggs to ensure the highest chance of a live birth in the future. This can take 1-3 cycles depending on your age, genetics and medical history.

Why  is  everyone  talking  about  egg  freezing  lately? 

Egg freezing has been around for years, but an advancement in technology called “egg vitrification” has dramatically improved success rates. This flash-freezing method prohibits damaging ice crystals from forming and secures your eggs in a glass-like structure.  With remarkably better results from vitrification, more and more women are making the life-changing decision to freeze their eggs.

Why  OVA?

We’re a first-of-its-kind specialty center catering exclusively to egg freezing patients. Backed by an industry-leading lab, our 30-year history has helped turn thousands of patients into parents.  We already have proven results with a growing number of healthy babies born from eggs frozen in our lab. With our commitment to excellence and staying ahead of fertility research and innovation, OVA’s entire team is truly passionate about helping you achieve your future fertility dreams.