Congratulations to our Award-Winning Laboratory Team!

November 2017: Big news out of this year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference. Our very own Senior Embryologist, Justin Estacio, has received a coveted award for Recognition of Excellence within the Donor Egg Bank USA Network for his talented work in egg vitrification. An experienced member of the aParent IVF Laboratory team, OVA’s parent company, Justin was the top-ranked embryologist in his category for Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification Warming. This recognition is a perfect example of the synergistic efforts that take place every day within our team in order to build one of the industry’s leading laboratories. While Justin is the recipient of this award, the entire aParent IVF Embryology Team is honored, as in years past, with this recognition for their outstanding collaborative work.
With our award-winning laboratory as the backbone of the egg vitrification process, OVA patients have yet another reason to be confident they’re given the highest chance possible of egg freezing success. Huge congratulations to Justin and the entire aParent IVF Laboratory team on this honor!